Spela Sterle Pilates practice has been a game changer for me.  As a runner, I found strengthening my core to be very helpful and Spela has been integral to my weekly workout routine.  The one-on-one interaction with a certified pilates instructor has made me think about my body and muscles in a different way. – Rohi, Brooklyn

When I started working with Spela four years ago, I hadn’t been physically active since my last child was born, I had chronic back and neck pain, and two knees still fragile from old injuries. Spela transformed me. An expert on form, she guided me through my first Pilates classes with endless patience but also a determination to rebuild my strength. Her expert understanding of anatomy and excellent listening skills enable her to tailor exercises to address my specific areas of concern while rebuilding my overall strength and flexibility. She is wonderful about making tiny corrections to my form during the session that make a huge difference. After a few months of working with her my body felt ten years younger. She makes the time fly past, and I leave feeling amazing! – Lisa, Brooklyn

I have been a client of Spela’s for many years, and have especially benefited from private sessions. I began Pilates because I am an artist who works standing up and my back was hurting, limiting the time I could work. (I have scoliosis and spondylolisthesis). Pilates quickly relieved my pain, and when mild tenderness returns I now know how to relieve it by exercise and stretching. Spela is very sensitive to individual needs, is highly trained and knowledgeable, and is extremely precise in her instructions; she monitors my form when doing the exercises extremely well.  Besides which she is very encouraging, kind, and fun to work with!  – Joyce, Brooklyn

Before I started Pilates with Spela seven years ago I had tried various personal trainers through a traditional gym. I found myself constantly feeling injured or pressured to push too hard to progress athletically that wasn’t appropriate for my body or age. My goal when I started Pilates was to stay in shape and to help improve the arthritis I was suffering from in my hip joints. Spela’s attentive teaching has taught me a kind of body awareness I never had before and today I’m doing things in Pilates I never thought I’d be able to do. I think that after working with Spela over the past eight years that I’m in better shape at 54 then I was at 44.
Spela’s reassuring teaching style has kept me motivated and committed to come back each week. 
Spela is incredibly attentive to making sure that each movement is precise and she’s really taught me how to find perfect form on my own. She’s helped me to learn to apply what I’ve learned in Pilates to my daily life and I have no doubt that what I’ve learned from her will help me age gracefully and without injury.  – Gina, Brooklyn

My husband and and I (76 and 84) have worked with Spela for several years. While she keeps a focus on core and alignment, nothing is by rote. She is atI think she is truly a unique. And an added bonus: she is a lovely person and fun to work with. -Ann, Brooklyn